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Know the Agendas

I am re-reading Steven Sample's book, Contrarian's Guide to Leadership which my friend Rob gave to me several years ago. Sample is the current president of USC and a former president of SUNY-Buffalo, and a very successful leader in business. One of the points that Sample makes is that he surrounds himself with a small… Continue reading Know the Agendas

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The Vision Killing Quick Order Menu

Introduction I actually wrote this list a few years ago, when a friend of mine was struggling with some issues in his congregation. It is meant as a satire, but it is poignant nonetheless. Too often, these kinds of human objections limit the power of the Holy Spirit to direct a congregation. The Vision Killing… Continue reading The Vision Killing Quick Order Menu

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Technology and Faith: 12 Precautions

Ed Stetzer considers some of the dangers of technology in ministry. What do you think?

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A Look at Windows 8

Thanks to GeekRev for posting a link to lifehacker's quick review of Windows 8's Metro UI. I am not a fan of the UI, personally. It probably works great with a phone or tablet, but I can't imagine working with it on a large screen. I have the same feeling toward the way Apple added… Continue reading A Look at Windows 8

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Guide to Worship Gestures

Kurt Willems shared this from Tim Hawkins. It made me laugh.

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The Spotlight Is On You!

The guys who lead music for our congregation (it's mostly men, and we don't have a "worship leader") are not like this, but here ya go: Many of us have wound up in services where the worship leader was either over emotional or way, way too friendly (in a Rock Hudson meets Liberace at Elton John's place… Continue reading The Spotlight Is On You!

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A Closer Look: The Historical Reliability of the New Testament

***This is a repost of an excellent article from Ed Stetzer. You can find the original here.*** One of the great benefits of the articles in found in the HCSB Study Bible is the high academic quality of the content. These articles aren't fluff. They are seminary-lecture-quality articles. Last week's hermeneutical look at the word… Continue reading A Closer Look: The Historical Reliability of the New Testament