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They’re Still Awesome (Our Elders that is)

The Star Trek sequel is being filmed as I write this, and this little bit of future cinematic joy brought to mind a post I wrote back in 2010: Last night, we had a joint elders meeting. Our merged congregation has been such a miraculous thing to start with that I think all of us… Continue reading They’re Still Awesome (Our Elders that is)

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I am Outta Here – for the weekend

I am headed to Syracuse, New York, for the weekend for the Biblical Imagination Conference with the man, the legend, the awesomely bearded Michael Card. While I could never aspire to have a beard like his, Michael has long been one of my musical heroes. He combines teaching and art in a way that you… Continue reading I am Outta Here – for the weekend

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Android Awesomeness

Ok, sci-fi nerds. How many unique androids/robots can you identify in this picture? I'm fairly certain this picture violates all kinds of studio rights, so I am going to blame George Takei - from whom I lifted said picture.

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Psalms in Worship

Yesterday, the Acoustic Gurus presented a song I wrote using Psalm 1 for lyrics. If you have a songbook with 150 different lyrics that you claim is inspired by God, why do you sing songs by less inspired authors? Like it or hate it, I think our primary source material for music should be the… Continue reading Psalms in Worship

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The Man from Earth (2007 Film)

It was late, and I couldn't sleep. So as I often do, I was leafing through Netflix. I happened upon a film that intrigued me - Jerome Bixby's The Man from Earth. I had never head of Jerome Bixby, but apparently he was a major writer of episodic and short story science fiction in years… Continue reading The Man from Earth (2007 Film)

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Church Pixar’s Way

I am currently reading Innovate the Pixar Way: Business Lessons from the World's Most Creative Corporate Playground in my spare time. Pixar has always fascinated me because it is a company that really should not have succeeded. Even the people who worked at the company doubted their ability to become the powerhouse studio they have… Continue reading Church Pixar’s Way

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God Save Me from Christian Branding

I have seen this so often that I d0n't even have the words for how annoying it is. Someone starts out well, with some exceptional resources or great preaching and they get a following. Then, that following prompts them to write a book or create a video or something of that nature. Enough people then… Continue reading God Save Me from Christian Branding