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Worship Isn’t About Music

It is about our heart. Sadly, this is how our music can sound to God's ears when we are more focused on "our thing" instead of His.

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Music that Lets the Heart Lead the Way

This post appeared in a slightly different form in 2008. I am reposting it because I believe it is still true. The content of this post may be offensive to some Christians, and that is definitely not my intent, so if you are offended, please accept my apologies.   I've never been a big fan… Continue reading Music that Lets the Heart Lead the Way

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Why Don’t We Use the Title ‘Worship Leader’

One of the first things we did in forming Bedford Road Baptist Church was get rid of the title 'Worship Leader'. We did not make a big deal about it, and only the elders and the music team we told we were no longer using the title. We just dropped it from our vocabulary. Over… Continue reading Why Don’t We Use the Title ‘Worship Leader’

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Funny How History Repeats Itself…

The very first song I learned to play on the guitar was "Eve of Destruction", written by P. F. Sloan and best known as performed by Barry McGuire in 1965. I don't know why my dad taught it to me - probably because the chords were pretty simple - but it has stuck with me… Continue reading Funny How History Repeats Itself…

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Getting Excited for Easter?

Here's a clip of the Grace music team practicing for Easter. If you look close, you can see our brand new drum kit and our incredibly excited drummer. They're doing a stellar job, and I am wicked excited for them to lead worship on Easter. There are 200 seats in our auditorium. I believe God… Continue reading Getting Excited for Easter?

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My Five Biggest Influences

So, Jesus and the apostle Paul are givens and I am not one to offer super-spiritual thoughts in things like this. Here are my five biggest influences in the way I think and work. #5 - P.T. Barnum For all of his quirks, P.T. Barnum was probably the greatest showman and entrepreneur of American history.… Continue reading My Five Biggest Influences