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Jesus Freak – 20 Years Later

The summer of 1996 was a peculiar time for me. For the first time in my life, I started to take my faith seriously and really ask whether I would stick with the Christian thing or move on to something else. I had spent the spring working like a dog at both college and work (I went… Continue reading Jesus Freak – 20 Years Later

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OzLand and Faith

When you get most of your television viewing through services like Netflix and Amazon Video, you watch things that you would not normally think about watching. The independent film OzLand is one of those things. I have actually enjoyed many of the independent science fiction films I have watched on Amazon, such as the curious but… Continue reading OzLand and Faith

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Our Trip to Israel in January

We were privileged to spend a couple of weeks in Israel with the Biblical Imagination team. Our church family and a number of friends we have met over the years helped us get there - a blessing to our entire family. After we got back, we tried to show people the pictures but we had hundreds… Continue reading Our Trip to Israel in January

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Just a Pause

In January of 1776, a small book by a recent immigrant to America took the colonies by storm. Entitled Plain Truth Addressed to the Inhabitants of America Containing Remarks on a Late Pamphlet entitled Common Sense, the pamphlet was published in all the major cities of the colonies and in short order was found virtually… Continue reading Just a Pause

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The Blues

When I was learning the guitar, my dad had a whole bunch of blues tablature books. There were some modern players like Jeff Beck and Jerry Garcia, but most of his books were about acoustic, finger style blues. I cut my teeth on stuff like "Black Snake Moan" by Lemon Jefferson and old, old Mississippi… Continue reading The Blues

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Keep Pounding Away

I have a reputation for being pretty good in front of people. It takes a lot to make me afraid or nervous. I've been in front of people all my life. There are family videos of me at the age of four or five, waving my hand in time from the platform, standing next to… Continue reading Keep Pounding Away

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Rambling about Crazy Heart, The Big Lebowski and T-Bone Burnett

I am not much of a country music fan, but there's a soft place in my heart for the old Delta Blues based country music that no one does anymore. It probably comes from growing up in bluegrass and southern gospel music. Last week, I watched the 2009 film Crazy Heart. I have no idea why… Continue reading Rambling about Crazy Heart, The Big Lebowski and T-Bone Burnett