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God Made You Beautiful

My daughter turned nine last month. She is one crazy, smart, rhythmic kid. She got all of the best of both parents, and I have no doubt that when she grows into womanhood she is going to be outrageously, stunningly beautiful. This is both a source of great joy and unholy terror. I know how… Continue reading God Made You Beautiful

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Read the Scriptures with Your Kids

Force them to listen if you have to. You cannot be the spiritual authorities for your family if you do not accept the authority of Scripture in front of them. It is your job to teach them about the Scriptures, not their Sunday School Teacher's or the pastor's. No excuses, moms and dads. It isn't… Continue reading Read the Scriptures with Your Kids

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Really? The Most Ludicrous Thing I’ve Read Recently.

The internet is a place where you can find just about anything you want. If you're looking for someone to write an article advocating something ridiculous, you are sure to find it; but usually you will find it somewhere obscure. Unless you're reading Huffington Post and you want an absolutely ludicrous view on marriage. Then… Continue reading Really? The Most Ludicrous Thing I’ve Read Recently.

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Hillbilly Preachers, Homosexuals and Speaking Grace

A video of a North Carolina pastor was making the rounds of the internet recently. Pastor Charles L. Worley of Providence Road Baptist Church begins a diatribe on placing "lesbins, q-u-weers, and hom-o-sessuals" (that's how he pronounces the words) in what amounts to concentration camps so they will die out. The video has over a… Continue reading Hillbilly Preachers, Homosexuals and Speaking Grace

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Educational Choices

As parents, we have a biblical mandate to care for the education of our children. Prior to the 19th century, this was assumed. Normal parents generally trained their children in whatever trade they did themselves or apprenticed their children to someone else who needed ready hands. "Book learning" such as it existed was reserved for… Continue reading Educational Choices

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Concluding Thoughts on REAL MARRIAGE

I have been remiss in my task of reviewing Mark and Grace Driscoll's book Real Marriage. I apologize for not getting the sections of the review out, but I have had a lot going on lately. Last night, I finished up reading the book and I think I am missing something. Everyone was talking about… Continue reading Concluding Thoughts on REAL MARRIAGE

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Real Marriage: Part 3 – Men and Marriage

You know, for a book on "biblical marriage" there isn't a lot of Biblical exegesis in here. The Driscolls do eventually get to the Scriptures when talking about marriage as a covenant instead of as a contract, and I thought that section of this chapter was decent. Only three chapters in and it is fairly… Continue reading Real Marriage: Part 3 – Men and Marriage