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Herod and Rome

Rome’s influence over the Levant began in 63 BCE when the general Pompey intervened in a feud between two factions of Hasmonean kingdom. Pompey took Jerusalem, installed one of the leaders, Hyrcanus as ethnarch and appointed one of his allies, Antipater of Idumea, as epitropos or “regent” to oversee affairs. Antipater saw the region through… Continue reading Herod and Rome

Alternate History

The Anglo-Prussian Empire That Never Was.

In 1871, Kaiser Wilhelm I united thirty-nine German-speaking states and created the German Empire. His son, Frederick, was married to the eldest daughter of Queen Victoria of England. Most people don't realize that Victoria was born a German. Her father, Edward, was the eldest surviving son of George III of the House of Hanover. In… Continue reading The Anglo-Prussian Empire That Never Was.