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Going Deeper with New Testament Greek

One of the distinct deficits in seminary training has long been the methodology employed in teaching the Biblical languages. Introductory materials are numerous, but advanced studies often rely heavily upon resources that are either out of reach for the average student or are inadequate for the task by virtue of their simplicity. In reality, most… Continue reading Going Deeper with New Testament Greek

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Some Background on Gedara and the Windstorm

Jesus' encounter with the demonic forces on the Lake Gennesaret (Sea of Galilee) occurs as he is trying to get to the region of Gedara. The name of the city itself means "border country" and it is essentially the eastern edge of Jewish influence. Beyond Gedara was the Decapolis, an entirely new municipality founded by… Continue reading Some Background on Gedara and the Windstorm

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At Bedford Road, we finished up Luke 5 yesterday. To be honest, I am still a little surprised that it took me so long to work through the chapter but there is just so much depth to these first encounters with Jesus. The way Jesus turned these people's lives around, and then he encounters a… Continue reading IKON

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Reading Greek

The New Testament was written in koine Greek - a loose term used to describe the various forms and dialects of Greek used in the eastern Roman Empire during the time of the early church. The word koine itself means "common" or "shared". It was not the classic Greek of Homer or the unified Greek… Continue reading Reading Greek