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OzLand and Faith

When you get most of your television viewing through services like Netflix and Amazon Video, you watch things that you would not normally think about watching. The independent film¬†OzLand is one of those things. I have actually enjoyed many of the independent science fiction films I have watched on Amazon, such as the curious but… Continue reading OzLand and Faith

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What Is Normal?

(I came across this post while looking for something else. I wrote this in 2007, and I was probably giving "The Word" a fresh listen while getting ready to teach on Ezekiel. Although a lot has changed about me since the days when I wrote it, this still resonated with me.) Reluctant ride in the… Continue reading What Is Normal?

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Is There Anything Worse than Cancer?

It is pointless - with no value or reason or perceivable purpose. Cancer twists DNA and cellular function without cause or goal. It destroys and corrupts. It is faceless biological anarchy that attacks at random, without even the intelligence to know the harm it does. Medically speaking, cancer is a collective term for a broad… Continue reading Is There Anything Worse than Cancer?

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Please, No More Movements

Yesterday, I was watching a video about the "New Hymns Movement" and I started thinking about all of the movements that I have seen in my lifetime. There was the Church Growth Movement, the Purpose Driven Movement, the House Church Movement, the Multi-Site Movement, the Emerging Church Movement, the Praise and Worship Movement, the Gospel-Centered… Continue reading Please, No More Movements

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Seven Cloud Tools for More Organized and Productive Life

I use an iPhone, an iPad, and two Macs (an old Macbook I just got and a Mac Mini in my office). You would think that I use Apple's integrated apps for pretty much everything, wouldn't you? In fact, I don't use their apps except when I have to. I use the Agenda iOS app… Continue reading Seven Cloud Tools for More Organized and Productive Life

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Social Media

I have been using social media sites to communicate with a broad audience more and more over the past couple of months. When my friend Darin stopped posting on his blog, I was not totally sold on the idea. I think there is a time and a place for the long format blog even in… Continue reading Social Media

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A Theology of Violence

In the United States, violence is something that used to happen to someone else. It was something reserved for urban areas and gangsters or third world countries and oppressive regimes. But in the midst of the suburban American dream, violence was something you observed on television or in the newspaper. All of that has changed… Continue reading A Theology of Violence