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Mormonism is Not Orthodox Christianity

Many Christian apologists who answer Mormon doctrine do so on the basis of looking deep into their lesser known beliefs and pointing out that there is some wild stuff going on there. For example, Joseph Smith taught that Methuselah and Abraham used the urim and the thummim as magical telescopes to discover the star Kolob,… Continue reading Mormonism is Not Orthodox Christianity

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Tom Wright on Framing the Debate on Homosexuality

Once again, Tom Wright brings wisdom and reason to a hot topic. Toward the end, he addresses the Enlightenment arrogance of those who say, "We know more about homosexuality" or "We have evolved from the ignorance of the ancient world". While Wright does not come down on one side or the other in this video,… Continue reading Tom Wright on Framing the Debate on Homosexuality

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Worship Manifesto, post 2

Worship can be found in all of these things, to some extent, but worship's core is the person of Jesus Christ. At the very core of worship must be the gospel - that Jesus Christ is God in the flesh, come to redeem and restore all of creation.

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Worship Manifesto, post 1

manifesto  (ˌmænɪˈfɛstəʊ) — n  , pl -tos , -toes a public declaration of intent, policy, aims, etc, as issued by apolitical party, government, or movement I am endlessly fascinated by the machinations of the modern church, in our varied attempts to justify our own existence. When we feel that sentiment is pulling toward social engagement, we become activists. When it is pulling toward leadership and programming, we become businessmen. When it pulls toward conversionism, we become evangelists. There… Continue reading Worship Manifesto, post 1

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Putting Church in the Blender

When we started the merger process between Grace Baptist Church and Heritage Baptist Church back in 2009, our elders and I did a lot of digging and found few resources to guide us. There just wasn't much out there on church mergers, and what was out there was overwhelmingly negative. Despite this, we decided that… Continue reading Putting Church in the Blender

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Further Meditations on Psalm 29

Ascribe to יהוה, O heavenly beings [sons of God], ascribe to יהוה glory and strength.Ascribe to יהוה the glory due his name; worship יהוה in the splendor of holiness.The voice of יהוה is over the waters; the God of glory thunders, יהוה, over many waters.The voice of יהוה is powerful; the voice of יהוה is… Continue reading Further Meditations on Psalm 29

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Do not fear the ‘tech’

Thanks be to God, we have here neither free schools nor printing presses, and I hope we will not have any for a hundred years, for education has sent into the world doubt, heresy and sectarianism, and the printing press has propagated, in addition to all these evils, attacks against governments! -Sir William Berkeley (1605-1677),… Continue reading Do not fear the ‘tech’