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What Is Normal?

(I came across this post while looking for something else. I wrote this in 2007, and I was probably giving "The Word" a fresh listen while getting ready to teach on Ezekiel. Although a lot has changed about me since the days when I wrote it, this still resonated with me.) Reluctant ride in the… Continue reading What Is Normal?

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Eleven Things Pastors Should Remember about People

Last week, I reposted a list of eleven things you need to know about your pastor. I wanted to follow that list up with some things that pastors need to remember about the people of their congregations. As a pastor, whose vocation is the ministry of the gospel, it is easy to forget that not… Continue reading Eleven Things Pastors Should Remember about People

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Effective Communication

Michael Hyatt recently posted a summary of what he believes is the four keys to effective communication: Effective communicators know how to prepare a message with a singular and crystal clear focus. If you know where you are going, you can take anyone with you. If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every… Continue reading Effective Communication

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Youth and the Church

The Gospel Coalition had a good article today on the need for the church to include youth in congregations rather than segregating them out as a special "ministry". Worth reading.

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Viciously Contend for the Faith?

My friend and brother in Christ, Eric Davis shares some thoughts on the way extreme fundamentalism often becomes exactly what it was started to oppose. Check it out here.

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Folks Who Have Popped in Recently

I keep track of the visitors who stop in and comment on the blog, and there have been a lot recently, so I decided to provide some links: Brian McCobb, a missionary to Paraguay (and a friend of many years) Dave Simpson,¬†The Unexpected Pastor Trey Medley, Why Theology T.E. Hanna, Of Dust and Kings Rev… Continue reading Folks Who Have Popped in Recently

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A Look at Windows 8

Thanks to GeekRev for posting a link to lifehacker's quick review of Windows 8's Metro UI. I am not a fan of the UI, personally. It probably works great with a phone or tablet, but I can't imagine working with it on a large screen. I have the same feeling toward the way Apple added… Continue reading A Look at Windows 8