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Keeping Your Head in the Cloud

I love the idea of cloud computing. Not having to constantly say, "Oh shoot! That's on the other computer!" is worth every minute of finding the right cloud service. But which is the right cloud service? There are a ton of them out there: 5. Amazon Cloud Drive I cannot figure out what Amazon is… Continue reading Keeping Your Head in the Cloud

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Seven Cloud Tools for More Organized and Productive Life

I use an iPhone, an iPad, and two Macs (an old Macbook I just got and a Mac Mini in my office). You would think that I use Apple's integrated apps for pretty much everything, wouldn't you? In fact, I don't use their apps except when I have to. I use the Agenda iOS app… Continue reading Seven Cloud Tools for More Organized and Productive Life

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My Adventure with iPhone 5

I am a gadget nerd. I think everyone who knows me know this about me. Given a choice between buying something I should probably buy and a new gadget, I will probably buy the gadget. Not surprisingly, most of my gadgets are from Apple. Back in 2009, my aunt and cousin gave me the money to buy… Continue reading My Adventure with iPhone 5

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iPhone’s Fifth Birthday

Kevin Roose has some things to say to iPhone and Apple. It is quite humorous, especially his graphics. Check it out. If you don't know who Kevin Roose is, he wrote the book Unlikely Disciple, and as a result has something of a cult following in the Christian realm. To the rest of the world, he… Continue reading iPhone’s Fifth Birthday


Yeah, This Illustrates the Difference

This video illustrates pretty succinctly the difference between Apple and Microsoft's philosophies. Microsoft is all about specifications and information. Apple is about experience.

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How Android Could Beat iOS

Google has finalized their $12.5 billion merger with Motorola, and if Google is smart, they will pull their licensing of the Android operating system and do an Apple. They will release Android 5.0 on a Google-owned and Google-manufactured device like Apple does with the iPhone. Why? Simplicity. Right now, Android developers have to write software… Continue reading How Android Could Beat iOS


Evernote for Android Update

So, I love Evernote. I use it for everything. It is by far my favorite "cloud" app, and it is on every piece of electronics I own. Everything goes into Evernote (including all my blog posts). I have even scanned all my papers and notebooks from college and seminary into Evernote. Last night, Evernote upgraded… Continue reading Evernote for Android Update