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Guy on a Buffalo

Recently, I happened upon one of the greatest series of YouTube videos and I just had to share. They are drawn from a 1978 film called "Buffalo Rider" but the bluegrass band Possum Posse has mashed up clips to original tunes. The result is "Guy with a Buffalo" and it is worth fifteen minutes of… Continue reading Guy on a Buffalo

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7 Deadly Thoughts

I was chatting with someone this week, and they mentioned that this teaching series turned them around from the brink of suicide. I figured any series that God used to do that is worth reiterating. You can read the online study guide posts here or download the entire booklet as a PDF.

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Christian Poker Chips

One of my all-time favorite videos dealing with the absurd things sold in the gullible niche that is Christian market.

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The Growth of a Marriage

This post originally appeared in January, 2008. But my wife was out of town this weekend, so I went over some of my previous posts and decided it was worth reposting. My wife, Nichole, and I have been married for nine years – almost, but we've been together for eleven years. Allow me a digression… Continue reading The Growth of a Marriage

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The History of the Necktie

The following is a repost of a post from my old, now defunct, blog - Adventures in Missing the Point. Introduction The necktie originally served a purpose, although today its only purpose is to bring its wearer to near asphyxiation.  As with all things that are useless, we can thank the French. When Romans Were… Continue reading The History of the Necktie

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What’s a little sarcasm amongst friends?

I have taken to reading a paragraph or two of Plato’s Symposium every morning – in Greek. The Greek is different from New Testament koine and it is so well written. If you are unfamiliar with Symposium, Plato uses the setting of a drinking party to present contrasting views of Eros or “love.” Eros has… Continue reading What’s a little sarcasm amongst friends?