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Psalms in Worship

Yesterday, the Acoustic Gurus presented a song I wrote using Psalm 1 for lyrics. If you have a songbook with 150 different lyrics that you claim is inspired by God, why do you sing songs by less inspired authors? Like it or hate it, I think our primary source material for music should be the… Continue reading Psalms in Worship

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Atheist in Church?

Kurt Willems linked to this blog post written by an atheist who attends a Vineyard church in Scotland. I thought it was an interesting perspective. As I read the article, I identified three things that keep the author returning to the worship gatherings of this congregation. The highly relational way people connect The celebratory, participatory… Continue reading Atheist in Church?

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Under Pressure

The past three months have been quite a blur for my family. We have been dealing with some medical issues with my wife that have consumed a lot of our free time. It has not exactly been the summer we expected. During this time, we have been journeying with the Apostle Paul through his letter… Continue reading Under Pressure

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A Marvelous Day

Something marvelous happened this morning during our worship gathering at Bedford Road Baptist Church. A couple things actually. For one thing, we were able to see our friend Leslie who has had a rough couple of months. It was good to see her again, sitting with her dad and worshiping with us. That wasn't what… Continue reading A Marvelous Day

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Theology of Church Picnics

Makes sense to me. John Piper on the Theology of Church Picnics.

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Why Don’t We Use the Title ‘Worship Leader’

One of the first things we did in forming Bedford Road Baptist Church was get rid of the title 'Worship Leader'. We did not make a big deal about it, and only the elders and the music team we told we were no longer using the title. We just dropped it from our vocabulary. Over… Continue reading Why Don’t We Use the Title ‘Worship Leader’

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The Sin of Mediocrity

God gives a local congregation two things: vision and gifts. He shows us where we are going and infuses us with the ability to get there. Sometimes, we are unwilling to go where he is taking us. Sometimes, we are unwilling to do the things that are required to get there. Some church leaders and… Continue reading The Sin of Mediocrity