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Worship Manifesto, post 1

manifesto  (ˌmænɪˈfɛstəʊ) — n  , pl -tos , -toes a public declaration of intent, policy, aims, etc, as issued by apolitical party, government, or movement I am endlessly fascinated by the machinations of the modern church, in our varied attempts to justify our own existence. When we feel that sentiment is pulling toward social engagement, we become activists. When it is pulling toward leadership and programming, we become businessmen. When it pulls toward conversionism, we become evangelists. There… Continue reading Worship Manifesto, post 1

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Music Flashback

This is from November 2010, right before the merger. It is interesting in a couple of ways - not just how the stage and band has been shuffled and reformed but also the congregation that is gathered (although we can only see the backs of people's heads). I love our musicians and cannot wait until… Continue reading Music Flashback

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Check Out the Podcast

If you don't already to our message podcast from Bedford Road Baptist Church, you should grab it. You can download messages directly from the site or subscribe to them on iTunes.

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Raise Your Voices

Worth watching and considering.

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Guide to Worship Gestures

Kurt Willems shared this from Tim Hawkins. It made me laugh.

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The Spotlight Is On You!

The guys who lead music for our congregation (it's mostly men, and we don't have a "worship leader") are not like this, but here ya go: Many of us have wound up in services where the worship leader was either over emotional or way, way too friendly (in a Rock Hudson meets Liberace at Elton John's place… Continue reading The Spotlight Is On You!

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Informal Church?

USA Today reported last week on the trend toward churches going "informal" as if this is a recent event. This is a trend that has been going on for the past forty years, and if you include the insanity of bus ministry, even longer. At our congregation, we are very casual but we still have… Continue reading Informal Church?