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God Made You Beautiful

My daughter turned nine last month. She is one crazy, smart, rhythmic kid. She got all of the best of both parents, and I have no doubt that when she grows into womanhood she is going to be outrageously, stunningly beautiful. This is both a source of great joy and unholy terror. I know how… Continue reading God Made You Beautiful

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Music Flashback

This is from November 2010, right before the merger. It is interesting in a couple of ways - not just how the stage and band has been shuffled and reformed but also the congregation that is gathered (although we can only see the backs of people's heads). I love our musicians and cannot wait until… Continue reading Music Flashback

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A Strong Woman

Yesterday, during the message I noted that the Philippian church was started with women, and that among them was one particularly strong woman named Lydia. All too often, people assume that Christianity is a male-dominated faith, but in reality, women have played crucial roles in its development at every stage. Jesus’ mother Mary played a… Continue reading A Strong Woman