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Babylon in the Basement!

Things are coming along with the Ishtar Gate! We're very excited to be presenting a Vacation Bible School at Bedford Road Baptist Church this year. Our theme is Babylon: Daniel's Courage in Captivity. A couple of our elders and a crew of guys (and one lady) are building some pretty impressive sets for the kids… Continue reading Babylon in the Basement!

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A Covenant Membership

At Bedford Road, we welcome everyone to worship with us. We believe that seeing God's people worshiping him is the greatest possible testament of the Gospel. That being said, we do invite people to take a step of unity and community in becoming voting members of the congregation. Personally, I wish there was a better term… Continue reading A Covenant Membership

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Bedford Road In the News!

Read the article here Our congregation's merger was in the Nashua Telegraph again today. The article had a couple of small misnomers (for example, we don't call our worship services 'mass') but it was still a decent writeup. You should check it out!

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A New Take on the Name

After discussing the candidate name of The Church on Bedford Road, the elders had enough of a sense of direction from the congregation that we chose to alter the candidate name to BEDFORD ROAD BAPTIST CHURCH. As I've told many people, I could pastor Cardboard Box Baptist Church, as long as the congregation was behind… Continue reading A New Take on the Name

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Presenting A Candidate Name!

This morning, the elders announced the second candidate name for our merged congregation. The previous candidate, Sojourner Fellowship was deemed too lengthy and a bit obscure. The candidate name is: The Church on Bedford Road The elders felt that this is the way most people know us. It is a familiar way to refer to… Continue reading Presenting A Candidate Name!

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Three Months in and Easter is HERE!

We are now three months into the merger of Heritage Baptist Church and Grace Baptist Church. Here are some quick thoughts on what we've learned: Never discount the potential of an 'older' congregation. The men and women of Grace have just absolutely gone above and beyond in bringing things together. We're all still feeling each… Continue reading Three Months in and Easter is HERE!


Daylight Savings Time Is Coming!

Believe it or not, this weekend is the beginning of daylight savings time. Remember to turn your clocks FORWARD one hour or you will be seriously late for worship, and we want you to be there with us this week. This Sunday, we finish up our series on Ephesians called "1+1=1" and introduce our EASTER… Continue reading Daylight Savings Time Is Coming!