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The Lion’s Den

O king! Did you not sign an injunction, that anyone who makes petition to any god or man within thirty days except to you, O king, shall be cast into the den of lions? (Daniel 6:12) It is one of the most familiar stories of the Old Testament. Daniel the Jew refuses to stop worshiping… Continue reading The Lion’s Den

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Thinking About that Familiar Communion Set

Go to any Christian bookstore or website, and you will find communion sets available in multiple setups and materials. You can get gold, silver or titanium. You can have trays with just the little juice cups and bread, or a combination. You can get them sized for whole congregations, small groups or even individual participation.… Continue reading Thinking About that Familiar Communion Set

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The City and Tower of Babel

A couple of weeks ago, we started a series called "Is That Really What It Says?" at Bedford Road. The series is basically a romp through the Old Testament (and possibly the new) dealing with some of biblical narratives that have been popularized through retelling over the years. These pop versions of the stories generally… Continue reading The City and Tower of Babel

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What I’m Reading

Every once in a while, I post some of the books I am reading at the moment. Since childhood, I have been of the opinion that one should read books that challenge your preconceived notions - especially if those notions were developed because you read another book! After the Ice: A Global Homan History 20,000-5,000… Continue reading What I’m Reading

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Genesis 1-11: The Creation Cycle

On Sunday, I mentioned that one of the ways I read the first portion of Genesis is through something I called The Creation Cycles. Here is a basic summary of the structure: The Earth Cycle (1-4) Opening Summary (1:1) Earth as Creation: The Annals (toledeth) of the Earth (1:2-2:4) Earth as Creature: The Annals of Adam (2:5-5:2) The… Continue reading Genesis 1-11: The Creation Cycle

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Did the Father Abandon Jesus on the Cross?

אֵלִ֣י אֵ֭לִי‮‬ לָמָ֣ה עֲזַבְתָּ֑נִי eloi eloi lama 'zabachthani This Sunday at Bedford Road, we spent some time exploring Jesus's quote of Psalm 22 (Psalm 21 in LXX) when he was on the cross. This is perhaps the most well-known case of Jesus citing a lament from the Hebrew Scriptures; but it is often misinterpreted as… Continue reading Did the Father Abandon Jesus on the Cross?

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Don’t Let People Steal Your History

In a recent sermon, I mentioned the work of Francis of Assisi and referenced an episode in which he traveled to Egypt during the Fifth Crusade solely to share the gospel with the sultan, Al-Kamil. (His full name was al-Malik al-Kamil Naser ad-Din Abu al-Ma'ali Muhammad; and the crusaders just called him Meledin.) There is… Continue reading Don’t Let People Steal Your History