Church in the Blender, Ecclesiology (Church), Theology

Revisiting the History

This November will mark my 14th anniversary as the pastor of Heritage Baptist Church (2004-2010) + Grace Baptist Church (2010) = Bedford Road Baptist Church (2010-Present). This remarkable journey continues to amaze me. That means that sometime in 2020, I will pass Pastor Paul Schultz as the longest serving pastor of either of the original congregations that merged to form Bedford Road. My tenure also, weirdly, makes me something of a “senior” pastor in the area. There are not a lot of us who have stuck it out for over ten years.

Back in 2011, I started working on a manuscript for a book I was calling Church in a Blender. It is a project that I have let fall to the wayside, mostly because of the rise of literature on “church merger” that I consider to be more about business acquisition than about the movement of the Holy Spirit.

I am considering going back to the project this winter. Having joined a Facebook group for small church pastors, I have discovered just how difficult the situation is out there. Perhaps there is a need for a solid, biblical book on this subject – something that is about the Scriptures and Spirit rather than business principles.

Here are the portions I have written so far.

Our Stories (Let’s Go Back to the Mess)

Finding a Congregation to Merge With (Let the Spirit Do the Walking)

What Is Motivating You? (Lots of Reasons not to Merge)

Living Open Handed 

Connecting to the Greater Church

There’s more on my computer; but those parts need to be retooled before releasing them to the general public.

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