Moments of Peace

Sunsets in Galilee are amazing.

Kinneret (the Sea of Galilee) is 600 ft below sea level and the lowest freshwater lake on earth. It is 64 square miles of freshwater surrounded by verdant hills on all sides. To put it simply, Galilee is a peaceful place.

This was not always the case. Before the 1967 war, the place where we stayed – Kibbutz Ein Gev – was routinely shelled by Syrian artillery in the Golan Heights. Every building in the Kibbutz is less than fifty years old.

It is hard to think of such a peaceful place as the site of such violence, but this is a disturbing reminder that no peace on earth is permanent. The moments of peacefulness and quiet should be treasured, as they are glimpses into the presence of the Prince of Peace.

The chaos of this world encroaches swiftly and suddenly and peace is crowded into moments that are all too fleeting.

Seek peace where He can be found. Know it is the Peacemaker who gives them to us.

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