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Why Stream Video?

Recently, we bought a webcam and set it up in our worship space. It is nothing great, and the quality is not all that fantastic. Our streaming service is a free one, which means there are ads slapped at the beginning and end. (Apparently, they ran an ad for the Mormons this week – OY!)

Why stream?

Some churches stream their services in HD with cool effects and lots of wiz-bang. We don’t have time for that. That’s not our purpose.

Our simple reason is that we wanted to offer something – anything – for those who are part of our church family and could not be with us on a Sunday. We have a lot of folks who travel on weekends and miss being with us. We also have some folks who are sick or elderly and are unable to join us. As with all things, our purpose is relationship – just doing something to help people who are away connect with their church family.

So, if you are a part of Bedford Road and you’re going to be away or busy, you can still catch the service on our Ustream channel or on the Ustream tab of our Facebook page. There are also Ustream apps for iOS and Android.




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