Your House, Our House, His House

Thinking about Zacchaeus: Friday

“Today salvation has come to this house” (v 9)

Did you notice that Jesus did not say, “Salvation is come to YOU, Zacchaeus”? In touching Zacchaeus, Jesus was transforming his entire household. Zacchaeus would become the agent of transformation. Jesus made Zacchaeus into a blessing – an echo of what he had done for Abraham two thousand years before (Genesis 12:2-3).

Our faith impacts others. If it doesn’t, it isn’t much of a faith. You are not imposing your faith on others when you live out what Jesus is doing in you. The church is not pushing an agenda when we declare the gospel. We are being honest to the One who has saved us.


Take just a few moments to thank the Lord for his salvation. He is equipping you to be a blessing to our house. Celebrate this in your prayers today.

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