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Thinking about Zacchaeus: Tuesday

“So he hurried and came down and received him joyfully.” (v 6)

Once Jesus entered Zacchaeus’ world, Zacchaeus recognized how his journey to wealth and gain contrasted with Jesus’ journey of simplicity. Zacchaeus does not put it into so many words, but the rush of activity indicates a radical change.

It was, however, a change that Zacchaeus desired. He did not understand it, I am sure; but he wanted it all the same.

There are changes Jesus wants to make in your life that you might not know you need. Let him change you, even if you cannot know what the change will do to your way.


Do something radical this week. Ask the Lord to show you some act of kindness you can perform for someone who does not deserve it, and when he shows you, then act upon it immediately.


1 thought on “Thinking about Zacchaeus: Tuesday”

  1. I like the way that you put that…”Once Jesus entered Zacchaeus’ world…” We should be busy trying to invade others’ worlds and not waiting or simply inviting them to enter into our “Christian” or church world. Very good thought. Thanks.

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