Your House, Our House, His House

Thinking about Zacchaeus: Friday

“So he hurried and came down…” (v 6)

When Jesus invites himself to stay with Zacchaeus, he is definitive: I must stay at your house.

Zacchaeus therefore has an opportunity to either accept the Savior’s call or not, but to reject Jesus’ request would be to directly deny the Savior’s will. Thankfully, he immediately responds positively. Jesus gets a place to stay, and Zacchaeus’ life gets changed.

Jesus wants to transform YOUR house into HIS house by entering it. He needs to enter your house in order for your house to become the house it was intended to be. You can’t observe Jesus from a distance. It isn’t enough. He needs to be able to sit at your kitchen table.


Offer a simple prayer of invitation to Jesus, asking Him to be more present in your life. Then intentionally pause in the quiet of the moment. Don’t do or say anything. Just let your invitation resonate in your mind.

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