Your House, Our House, His House

Thinking about Zacchaeus: Thursday

“Jesus entered Jericho and was passing through.” (v 1)

Jericho was a very profitable place. The aristocracy had winter homes there, and it was a major crossroad for agriculture and trade. Zacchaeus lived right on the main road in town, probably close to the gates so he could collect taxes as the merchants came to town.

Jesus’ path to the cross led right past Zacchaeus’ house in Jericho. How convenient, right? Zacchaeus’ house was on the way to the salvation of the world, and Jesus used it as a waypoint for his journey.

It was not a coincidence that Zacchaeus lived where he did when he did, regardless of his own reasons for living there. And it is not a coincidence that you are where you are right now either.


Spend a few minutes considering the “coincidences” that brought you to your journey with Christ. Offer thanks to Jesus for arranging your affairs so you could meet Him.

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