Your House, Our House, His House

Thinking about Zacchaeus, Tuesday

“…but on account of the crowd he could not…” (v 3)

Crowds are not houses. In your house, you have control. In a crowd, you are just a part of a thing that isn’t yours at all. You don’t get to decide what the crowd does or where you get to stand. If you’re a vertically impaired guy like Zacchaeus, you don’t even get to see.

When you feel out of control, you become acutely aware that the sense of control you have in your house is an illusion. When things are out of our ability to control, that is often when Jesus reveals himself to us as the One who is in control.


What is something out of your control? Start your prayers today by thanking the Lord that you do not have to control everything in order to know He is sovereign.

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