How Are You Looking?

Some Sundays, I have a little trouble getting an idea out. This Sunday may have been one of those days.

The big idea on Sunday was this: when you look AT things I the world, what are you looking FOR?

In Luke 12, Jesus challenged the religious people of his day. They were able to interpret the sky but they could not see what God was doing. They could perceive creation but they were missing the Creator.

From a practical perspective, the question is simple: are we looking at what is going on around us and missing what God is doing? Are we failing to see Christ because we are too busy looking at everything from our own perspective?

To borrow the tired cliche, we cannot see the forest for the trees.

To borrow Jesus’ imagery, we cannot see the heavens for the sky.

I would encourage you to look at everything in your life differently this week. Don’t just look AT your situation, job, family, relationships. Look FOR Christ in these things. Find how Jesus is revealing himself even in the smallest aspects of life.

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