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Don’t Shoot for Average

Last night, I watched LeBron James (supposedly the greatest individual player in the NBA) have an average game and lose. The Miami Heat consists of two tremendously talented players (James and Dwyane Wade) and a cast of basically nameless supporting players. In order for them to win, James and Wade must play extraordinary basketball. Against a team like the resurgent Boston Celtics, “average” is not good enough.

“Average” is somewhere between your worst and your best. It is not good. It is not bad. It is like vanilla ice cream – a good place to start but not really worth eating without sprinkles and hot fudge. “Average” is bland, and simply not enough.

I often tell folks, “Just good enough is never good enough.”

It is not enough to be a church with music or preaching or relationships that are “adequate.” Average doesn’t take the gates of hell. Average doesn’t overcome. Average is just – standing there. Average is exactly that – standing still in mediocrity.

Never settled for being “just good enough” because I guarantee you that the Enemy’s team is playing at the top of their game. (DISCLAIMER: In no way am I equating the Miami Heat with Jesus or the Celtics with Satan. If anything, the opposite is true.)


We cannot simply “give it the old college try.” We must be extraordinary in our commitment and passion to Jesus’ kingdom. We must rise beyond simply doing our duty to taking responsibility for His agenda and owning our impact. We push harder, train better, and when we leave the court – we leave having poured out everything and some.

Recently, one of the members of our congregation challenged me to rise to excellence in an area I don’t consider a strength. It was a welcome and needed reminder that we are not called to mediocrity. We are called to greatness.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Shoot for Average”

  1. Nice post! don’t forget about Bosh though, he isnt part of the nameless supporting cast. Shame boston didnt win but Miami OKC is a more entertaining final in my opinion… i dont think miami can beat OKC 🙂

    1. Yeah, I wrote this before Bosh came back. Once Bosh came back, the writing was on the wall. Boston’s “big three” couldn’t stand up to Miami’s “big three.”

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