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Help Me Reach 50,000 Views

So, I am really close to 50,000 views. I went through my historically most viewed articles, and I was blown away by the diversity of the posts. There’s no rhyme or reason to why these particular ones are more popular than any others, nor is there any reason that my article on the regionalization of the local church should have as many hits as the next four combined. Such are the ways of the internet.

Anyway, help me get to 50,000 views by going through the Unorthodox Faith archives or doing a search, finding your favorite post and reposting it to Facebook, Twitter, or wherever you want.

#1 – The Regionalization of the Local Church (3,880)

#2 – Why Men Don’t Go to Church (1,388)

#3 – Rick Warren – Millionaire?  (995)

#4 – I’m a Biped. How About You? (860)

#5 – Beer Bottles and Righteousness (756)

#6 – My Frustration with Logos 4 Mac (687)

#7 – Review – Acer Aspire One (640)

#8 – Paul, Roman Citizen and Jewish Teacher (549)

#9 – Victoria Osteen – Criminal? (446)

#10 – Some Thoughts on Goliath of Gath (421)


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