The Weight of the Scriptures Is Jesus and Nothing Else

Just how important are the Scriptures to most Christians?

This is a question I have often considered, especially whenever I hear someone teaching something that sounds like it comes from the Scriptures but clearly got twisted around a bit during the time the teacher has had it rolling around in his (or her) head.

I have often told people that I am an atheist who can’t get past Jesus. To me, the Bible is a meaningless collection of religious documents if it is not about Jesus. I don’t see the Bible as any of the following cliches:

I really, really dislike these kinds of cliches. Why? Because they are all about the person and not about Christ. They are resonate with the idea the Bible exists for you. That is like saying the Leonardo da Vinci painted Mona Lisa so the French would convert the Louvre into a museum. He painted the picture to show us its mysterious subject, to make us think about her. When you look at the Mona Lisa, you are lost in the enigmatic face and the masterful artistry devoted to it.

Either the Scriptures point us continually to Jesus or they are no better than any other religious texts in the world. They aren’t about you. They’re about Him. And when you stop thinking of the universe as being about you and start thinking of it as being about Him, then you’ll get a little closer to understanding just how incredible Jesus really is.

Diatribe ends.


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