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Insanely Simple: ONE


Things don’t get much simpler than that.

God is ONE.

Theologians want to make God ultra-complex. They spend years trying to figure God out, to fit him in a philosophical box.

But God is ONE.

That is the ultimate simplicity, and the beginning of our journey toward simplicity. The answer to our big theological questions is always ONE. How can Jesus and the Father act separately and yet the be only one God? The answer is ONE. He is ONE, and as such can be three and still be one.

Doesn’t make sense? That’s because we are drawn to complicating things. We can’t help it.but the answer is always ONE.

If you want to pursue simplicity, act simply, live simply, then you must begin with God as ONE. Not just a one, but THE ONE. He is the absolute standard, the binding factor, the core of everything.

Begin with ONE and things will simplify by nature.


2 thoughts on “Insanely Simple: ONE”

  1. So true. Instead of one plus one plus one equals confusion, I would rather say One times One times One is ONE, or is that too mystical for our us to understand?

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