Tebowing and the Prosperity Gospel

Tim Tebow is every evangelical’s favorite NFL player right now. In only his second year in the NFL and his first as a starter, he has garnered widespread acclaim for his “miraculous” fourth quarter wins. The son of a Baptist minister, Tim’s outspoken Christian faith has been well-known since his college years.

So I was a bit taken aback to see him speaking at a conference sponsored by people who teach a false gospel.

I am not one to criticize other believers, but I have spent a lot of time studying the work of Rod Parsley and Kenneth Copeland. I have listened to their messages, read their doctrinal statements and watched them on television.

Let me be as plain as I can be. The message they preach is not the message of the Scriptures. They are the kind of ministers that we have been warned about before. They preach a Jesus that will make you healthy, wealthy and popular as long as you “uncover” the spiritual keys to success. They sell a self-help, prosperity gospel that has nothing in common with the message of the one who came to redeem mankind.

Rod Parsley is a particularly off-center preacher of a wildly unbiblical gospel. He is a disciple of Mike Murdoch who I have never seen do anything but hock his own books and call them wisdom. These are dangerous men preaching what Paul called “another gospel” in Galatians. They believe that prayer and righteousness will make God conform to their will – what my dad used to call “blab it and grab it preachers.”

At first glance, I was more than a little disappointed in Tim Tebow, but I had a feeling that he was unaware of this booking. Like I have said before, I like Tim Tebow but I despise the machine around him that is willing to manipulate and tweak him for gain and press.

Sure enough, the news broke on Thursday that Tebow had not known of this booking and his brother Robbie had confirmed that Tim would be canceling this appearance.

All of this has confirmed in my mind that Tim really is a good guy who is completely oblivious of the hype people surround him with. The machine that is Christian media will take a good man and grind him to the ground with compromise. Tim should continually thank the Lord for his family and friends who insulate and protect him.

2 thoughts on “Tebowing and the Prosperity Gospel”

    1. I think he is immature in some ways and is manipulated by a media machine, but inside of all that I have no doubt there is a good kid trying to do his best for the Lord. You can’t fault him for that. A lot of people forget that he is only 24 years old and has never lived outside of his parents’ shadow.

      When he was in college, his mother called him “Timmy” so often in the press that it was obvious who is in control of the machine that is “Tebowmania.” When he breaks free from that, I think we’ll see him stumble a bit (like a real human being) and then do some great things.

      Of course, he is also in the AFC so I have to cheer for him to lose whenever he faces the Pats. That’s just a law of nature. I like Peyton Manning too, but when he’s playing New England, he is the enemy.

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