Standing Up

After reading an article from Michael Hyatt about working at a standup desk, I have been considering it for a couple of weeks. Last weekend, I asked one of the guys from our congregation to help me move a piece of furniture to my office so I could set it up as a standup desk. I have worked at it for most of the day today (January 31) and I have a couple of thoughts.

  1. Typing standing up definitely requires a correct posture. You can’t do it standing straight up or your lower back will hurt like crazy after a couple hours.
  2. Good shoes are essential. Your feet kill after four or five hours of standing up and doing anything.
  3. Standing up means I can access my whiteboards much easier. Since I write ideas on the various whiteboards in my office before committing anything to paper (I rarely commit my sermons to paper anyway), this is convenient for me. Once I get my articulated arm for my screen, this will work even better.
  4. Standing allows you to move around when you think. I walk around a lot when I am working through a concept, so this standing thing definitely has its advantages.
  5. Make sure you keep a couple of chairs around. Sometimes, you just need to sit down.My screen will soon be mounted on the wall, which will allow me to sit down from time to time and watch Netflix if I want. That has its appeal.

Overall, I am very pleased with standing. Since I am in a bit of pain at the moment from all this standing, I am much less prone to waste time on Facebook or doing something that doesn’t pertain to work. This is a good thing.

I’ll let you know in a week or so as to whether your back or feet get used to the additional strain. I have a feeling that mine will. I spent hours on my feet when I was a teacher, doing much the same thing – well not typing into a computer, but standing in one place, thinking.

1 thought on “Standing Up”

  1. Been doing this for about a year now. I added a tall-ish (not quite tall enough) stool, so that I can lean on something when I need it. (New research shows it’s a mixed setting that’s even better for you, maybe.)

    I do find it feels significantly more productive, particularly because it tends to keep me alert.

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