Discussion Guide for “An Angel’s Song”, December 11, 2011


Here is a link to the audio file for Sunday’s message, in case you missed it.

Below is the discussion guide to continue journeying with this portion of the Scriptures.

Read Together
LUKE 1:57-80

Elizabeth demonstrates tremendous faith in both her husband and God, in the face of opposition from her friends and neighbors. God confirmed her faith by giving Zechariah’s his speech back.

  • Have you ever considered how your faithfulness to others affects their faith?

What the angel asked Zechariah to do was unconventional but not all things “different” are from God. In Zechariah’s case, the direction was pretty direct, but he still found it hard to do.

  • Can you share an experience when you knew God wanted you to do something you found hard to do?
  • How do you determine whether God wants you to do something or not? How can you help others make the same determination?

Pray Together

Elizabeth was blessed with a miracle baby, but her miracle was nothing compared to Mary’s, and yet Elizabeth does not show jealousy or envy. She treasures the news and celebrates with Mary.

If you have children and are meeting with someone who has children, take some time to share about and celebrate each others’ children. If you are with your own family, help your children share something they are excited about. Either way, give thanks and celebrate the children in your lives today.



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