One Quarterback on Top of the Heap

With all the hype around Tim Tebow and his breakout season, it is easy to forget that there is some amazing football being played this year in other areas. It is great to see the kid playing and doing what he’s doing and standing true to his faith, but he’s not in the same league as the best quarterbacks in the NFL.

Right now, there are three quarterbacks who have a chance at breaking all kinds of records this year. Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Drew Brees have a combined 67 touchdowns and are all averaging well over 300 yards per game. Twelve games into the season, all three of them  have a legitimate shot at passing Dan Marino’s record of 5,084 yards set in 1984. It is not likely that any of them will pass Tom Brady’s 50 touchdown passes from 2007, but their passing yardage is absolutely unbelievable.

Among them, these quarterbacks have 5 Super Bowl rings. Aaron Rodgers is leading one of the most dominant teams of the modern era of the NFL. Tom Brady is a first-round Hall of Fame pick – no questions asked. Drew Brees? The man’s a passing machine.

Of the three (and keep in mind that I am a New England Patriots fan) Aaron Rodgers is having what is quite possibly the single best overall year for quarterback of all times. He showed just how good he  is last night when he led a drive of 80 yards in 20 seconds, capping it off with a touchdown pass. Rogers has 37 touchdowns this season, 3,800 yards and only 5 interceptions.  he has a QB passer rating of 125.3; and although I think that rating system is kind of bogus, he’s twenty points ahead of the other two guys.  And they are ten points ahead of the next guy in line!

Aaron Rodgers impresses me, there’s no way around it. If you had told me years ago, when Brett Favre left the Packers that Aaron Rodgers would be the best quarterback in the league in any season, I would’ve told you you were crazy. But there it is. Right now, in the NFL, Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback on the field.


4 thoughts on “One Quarterback on Top of the Heap”

    1. But Brees has a running game. Ingram, Sproles and Thomas have combined for nearly 1,400 yards rushing. In Green Bay, Starks and Grant barely have 900, and Aaron Rodgers is their 3rd leading rusher. Same deal in New England, only worse. Their two running backs combine for around 850 yards this year – which is downright pathetic.

      1. Let’s put this another way, though.
        Brees has a running game that’s better than the Pack has, but still passes for more yards than Rodgers. Why don’t they perform so well in the red zone? Dunno. That and the defense compose the weakness of the Saints.

  1. If they would rely on the running game a little more, NOLA would devastate every team that they face.
    NOLA’s D needs to step up, but they are improving. They just allow too much to happen in the secondary.

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