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Who Decided?

Who decided that in order for a concept to be true, it could not have emotional appeal? It must have been the Germans. (I’d blame it on Victorian England, but Victoria was a German herself).

Recently, I have heard several people in various places, both online and offline, talk about how we need to remove emotion from the equation when we are thinking about theology or philosophy. Frankly, I don’t know how you can do that – especially with the Bible.

The Scriptures are emotional to the core. To try to read them flat and without the emotions of love, disgust, rage, hope, longing, joy, and a host of others is to strip them bare and leave them bleeding.

Emotion is what gives our thoughts glow and purpose. It is the warmth and softness of otherwise cold, hard facts. In all of its messy, chaotic glory, emotions are integral to our existence. Anyone who thinks they can get rid themselves of emotion is destine to live a life I would call less than human.

In conclusion, I leave you with a clip of one of my all time favorite films Equilibrium.


2 thoughts on “Who Decided?”

  1. I agree fully with you pastor Erik. To just read how awesome our G-d is and that He allows me to call Him Father can be overwhelming. Emotion/love increase with the understanding.

  2. Yep. Indeed. We are not one dimensional beings. In fact, we are commanded to love God with heart, soul, mind, and strength. In other words, we should be holistic lovers of God, and not monochromatic in our love. If we are to love God with all that is within us, that love will manifest itself in our thought life.
    Objectivity is a fantasy. We must seek fairness, but to be objective is not going to happen. We will either be Christian thinkers, or we will not. If we are Christian thinkers, we will think of how all relates to the God we love.
    Impossible to leave the heart and emotions out. We are not automatons.

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