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Being a Missionary Kid

I have some long distance friends living in Paraguay. In fact, they are sort of a clan of friends. It starts with Clint and Rita Vernoy, who were missionaries to the jungles of Venezuela for years before being ousted by Venezuela’s dictator – I mean mob boss – I mean “president” Hugo Chavez because he decided missionaries were destroying the native culture by providing medical aid and teaching basic morality.

Clint and Rita’s oldest daughter Jackie married Brian, who grew up in the church I worked in for several years before coming to Bedford Road, and they set a land speed record raising support to become missionaries in Paraguay. A couple years after they went, Clint and Rita followed with their two younger daughters Jewel and Jayde. (They have a son, Jared, who lives and works in the US, and is a Buccaneers fan.)

Anyway, I have gotten to know the Vernoys and McCobbs over Facebook and blogs. I even do some tech support for them when crazy things happen – like when Rita’s google homepage shows up in Arabic (true story). One day, I hope that Bedford Road will be able to help them in their ministry and I look forward to one day being able to take a mission team down there.

Clint recently wrote an article for their missions agency’s website, and since we have several former missionaries in our congregation, I could identify with it almost immediately. I thought I would share it with you.

You can read Clint’s article here:

Missionary Kids Are Really Foreign Students.

And if you’re interested, you can keep track of the goings-on of their congregation on their Facebook page:

Iglesia Bautista Sin Fronteras
(“Borderless Baptist Church” or something like that.)

1 thought on “Being a Missionary Kid”

  1. Hi Clint,

    I am a recent graduate from Moody Bible Institute and am interested in being a part of God’s work in empowering indigenous peoples to build their own churches. I am interested in possible Bible translation as well. I am researching many people groups and hope to visit a lot of them in South America in 2013 in order to get a better idea of where the Lord is leading me to serve and to see what ministry is like in different areas.

    The Bare, Maco, Macushi, Piaroa, Sanuma, Warao, Wayuu, Yanomam, Yanomami, Pume, Saliba, Central Tunebo, and Cuiba are all interests in Venezuela. I’m not sure if you might know any way that I might visit any of these language communities or an area nearby but I figured I would try to contact you. I would be so glad to hear of any chances or perhaps have contact information for someone who might be able to help.

    No need to connect me with Danny German, Chuck Marshall, or Marg Jank because I am already in contact with them. Any other contacts would be great whether they speak Spanish or English. Glad for any help of course and I hope you are having a great Christmas time.

    God bless your work and service for His kingdom,


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