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Where Have I Been?

As the news media has told you repeatedly, we had a pretty nasty snow storm on Sunday. It is the first time it has snowed in October in my memory, and it was pretty awful. At the low point on Sunday morning, nearly 87% of Public Service of New Hampshire customers were out of power. By Wednesday evening, there were 450+ crews of utility workers from as far away as Tennessee and Quebec working on the lines, but even with that, there were over 54,000 customers without electricity by the time we went to bed.

With the power out, we had to find a place to stay. Nichole and I were going away for the night anyway, but when we got back on Monday we knew there would be no power. Then on Tuesday, Nichole was going in for her thyroid removal surgery. We got home from our getaway and started shuffling our family around.

Ariel spent time with four different people during the next couple of days while Nichole and I went to the hospital. It was a long couple of days. (Let me just say that our congregation is awesome and people have provided generously for our family during this time.)

Finally, this afternoon I brought Nichole home from the hospital – well, not quite home. We were still without power, so after she was released from the hospital, we went to another family’s home.

Hopefully, by the time you read this, we will be comfy at home. PSNH is working on streets close to our home, but we are trying not to set our expectations too high. Either way, Ariel will finally have school, so I will be driving to Merrimack early in the morning to drop her off.

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