What’s It Look Like? Environments

Yesterday, I posted an explanation of our vision statement. Now, let’s elaborate a little bit.

Today, let’s tackle the idea of creating environments. We have three environments we consider.

Corporate Environment

There are things that God intended us to do in large groups. One of those things is worship. While our lives are supposed to be defined by worship throughout the week, there can be no doubt that God enjoys his people gathering to worship. You can see this everywhere in Scripture.

  • In the Law, the people were commanded to gather at the temple regularly to offer sacrifices and worship.
  • The entire book of Psalms is the hymnbook for the people when they gathered to worship.
  • Jesus himself always gathered crowds to hear the Word of God, sometimes even going to Jewish synagogues to speak.
  • The early church worshiped in their homes, but they also went to the Temple to join in corporate worship.
  • The very Greek word from which we get the term church – ekklesia – means “assembly”.

There is not a shadow of doubt that the Scriptures teach that the church should assemble and worship together. We are commanded to do so, both explicitly and implicitly throughout the Scriptures.

So, get yourself to worship on Sundays!

Intimate Environments

Let’s be honest. We don’t get together with “church people” during the week – not very much anyway. And when we do, how often do we talk about Jesus’ agenda?

For many, the spiritual journey they are on is lacking in depth because it lacks these intimate environments. As much as I love preaching on Sunday morning, if the Sunday sermon is the only place where you are exposed to the Scriptures during the week, you are starving yourself. Your spiritual journey is one-day long.

Intimate environments are Bible studies. They are Wednesday prayer group. They are mentoring a new believer one-on-one. They are families gathering to read and discuss the Scriptures.

So, get together during the week to study Scripture and pray!

Personal Environment

Driving in the car, do you ever pray? When you get up in the morning, is your first thought of work or God? Do you have a place you can go and just read the Scriptures? Or is life too busy, too full or too hectic to squeeze any time in for God?

Personal environments are a conscious decision to discipline yourself, to set aside some time every day – whatever amount of time that is – to be quiet before God.

So, get a quiet place and learn some discipline!

A Diagram for Ya!

Over the night, I simplified the graphic I posted yesterday.


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