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BOOK REVIEW: To Be Perfectly Honest

Really, Multnomah?


A couple of years ago, A. J. Jacobs wrote a book called A Year of Living Biblically. In it, Jacobs – a secular Jew – endeavored to – well, live biblically for a year. He followed the prescriptive formulations of the Torah and did his best to honor the principles of the teachings of Jesus. It is an interesting book, and one worth reading. Jacobs previously had spent a year reading the Encyclopedia Brittanica and will probably do something crazy again sometime soon.

So, in typical Christians copying something successful in the world fashion, Multnomah appears to have asked Phil Callaway to spend a year living truthfully.

Get it? Living Biblically = Living Truthfully.

What can I say? Not much.

The book made me yawn. Quite frankly, it was not funny. Sure there were humorous sections, and I am sure that Callaway is a funny person, but the book was forced and difficult to read. Not only that, it demonstrates quite plainly that a secular Jew like Jacobs does a better job of living biblically than Callaway, a professing Christian, does of living truthfully. Callaway can’t seem to get through a couple of days without telling a whopper, and then repenting on the page and starting again.

Like I said. Yawn.

If you want to read this book, don’t buy it. I’ll give it to you. In fact, I’d probably be willing to cover the shipping to send it to you. It is going to go in a box with the rest of the mediocre books I seem to attract like black nylon attracts white pet fur.

I received a copy of the book To Be Perfectly Honest: One Man’s Year of Almost Living Truthfully Could Change Your Life. No Lie. from Waterbrook-Multnomah with no stipulations as to the content of this review or guarantee of a positive review.





3 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW: To Be Perfectly Honest”

  1. I spent 5 minutes reading this book, and was “impressed” by two things:

    (1) The author lived a live bathed in a shocking amount of lies. He would lie about everything, from golf scores to how he was feeling. He didn’t need to write a book, he needed to repent. (I am told this is quite typical, but if it is, we have a far more serious problem in Christianity today than I would have imagined.)

    (2) This is like _The Year of Living Biblically_ or _An Unlikely Disciple_, except so unifaceted that it wouldn’t make a decent BLOG post, let alone a book. The editor who approved this project should be forced to personally shred every single copy ever printed with a pair of left-handed elementary school scissors.

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