When Two of Your Friends Argue Constantly

Google and Apple pretend like they get along when they are together on the playground, but those of us who are friends with both of them know better. There is very poor integration between Apple and Google products, and that is really sad because both of them have exceptional, complimentary products.

Take for example, my iPad. The iPad is far and away the best tablet device out there right now, but I have very limited interaction with my beloved Google Apps.

I love my Google Docs, but can I use them in Pages? No. For that, I need to use either Documents to Go or QuickOffice – and use somewhat substandard interfaces (Pages for iPad is pretty awesome). Perhaps I could use Safari to access them through a mobile web interface? Negative.

My calendars are all on Google Calendar so other people can update them. While iCal does read the Google calendars, updating the thing can be a pain.

Can Mail use my Contacts and Groups from Gmail? That’s another negative, my friends.

What about going the other way? Does Google Docs read Pages? Nope, not unless you save as a .doc file. How about Google Chrome integrating into Apple’s sweet program Preview, which makes PDF and viewing and conversion a snap? Negative.

Where are my Google Apps on the iPad? Oh right, Apple refuses to approve them because Google keeps sticking stuff in them that will mess stuff up. I have been waiting for FOREVER for a native Google Plus app, but what are we getting? In Steve Job’s words, “Deep Twitter integration.” Twitter?

I get it, I really do. Google and Apple are the two big dogs in the computer world now. Poor Microsoft has been left in the dust (how many people even know that has Office integrated into it?). I feel like that kid who is friends with both the coolest kid in school and the smartest kid. I want to invite them both to my birthday party, but I know that if I do, their rivalry will wreck everyone’s fun.

You guys, there is enough market for everyone. We get it. You’re both awesome. Now get along, please!

(On a totally unrelated note, please Apple, give us fully integrated, shareable cloud storage for documents in iOS 5. I would love to have a way to save shared documents from my iPad that does not involve a third-party email address for Dropbox.)


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