Lion King 3D


We took our daughter to see Lion King this week. Since the only regular showing was at 11:45am, we had to watch it in 3D. Nichole and I are not big fans of 3D – it gives us headaches. But the reviews of the 3D were good, so we took a chance.

It cost us $37 to watch Lion King – a movie we own on both VHS and DVD. It was a gigantic waste of money.

Let me start by complaining about the up-processing. Whenever a character talked or moved quickly, the 3D was choppy. Reds and certain shades of white looked over processed and were quite distracting. The hand painted backgrounds in most scenes were left blurry and very 2D. In short, the 3D was distracting.

Lion King is a phenomenal movie. I still nearly lost it when Simba roars from Pride Rock after defeating Scar. Disney, please leave well enough alone. Lion King was made in 2D and thrives there. You can’t improve on perfection.


1 thought on “Lion King 3D”

  1. My dear Erik, its good quality family time (Heck with the movie, lol). I miss you guys & pray that I will be back some day to visit again. My best to all. Matt

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