Need Preachers? We’ve got Preachers (in my family)

My father and grandfather - both ordained ministers. My dad has pastored since 1977.
My brother-in-law Doug and my sister Kate. Doug has been pastoring since 2005, I believe and was an assistant pastor for quite a while before that.
My cousin Joe, who has pastored in Wilson, Kansas for three years (almost four).
My brother-in-law Ralph (right), who is a missionary in East Africa.

Yeah. Some families are all carpenters, or all electricians, or all undertakers. My family specializes in serving the Lord.


3 thoughts on “Need Preachers? We’ve got Preachers (in my family)”

    1. We all have different styles. Ralph and his family are supported by our church, so I imagine you will hear him speak sometime in the next couple of years.

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