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A Covenant Membership

At Bedford Road, we welcome everyone to worship with us. We believe that seeing God’s people worshiping him is the greatest possible testament of the Gospel.

That being said, we do invite people to take a step of unity and community in becoming voting members of the congregation. Personally, I wish there was a better term for this, but there isn’t, so we use it. This is NOT a “join our club” membership. It is a covenant we take together, renewed twice a year, to make extraordinary sacrifices that should be the norm. (Sadly, they are not.)

The covenant includes a statement:

“to commit our hearts, work and resources to making this vision a reality.”

This is the essence of true membership in a congregation. It is the commitment to get off the chairs and into work.It is the commitment to GIVE – not because we want to but because we step up as followers of Christ and OWN the vision he has given us. 

In the coming weeks, we will be entering a teaching series from Romans 12 entitled “PART_S”. It is one of those series that is sure to offend people who are not putting Christ and His Church in their proper place in their lives. It will irritate people who think of church as just something they tack on when it is convenient. It is guaranteed to flumox and stir-up those who casually commit to the church and then expect to control it through their influence.

Below is the covenant we make together as members of the congregation. We take it very seriously, and it will be mentioned a lot during this series.:


Having accepted Christ as our Savior, we unite together as a congregation – committed to the beliefs of our Statement of Faith and submitted to the leadership of our elders, as guided by the teachings of Jesus.

Taking Christ as our Master, we embrace without reservation Jesus’ vision for this congregation – creating environments where people encounter Jesus and journey together – and covenant with both Christ and with our fellow believers to commit our hearts, work and resources to making this vision a reality.

We covenant together to follow Jesus Christ as our model:

  • Resolving conflicts with others in this congregation peacefully, in a way that demonstrates our love to those inside and outside our fellowship.
  • Honoring others by honoring Christ above all else in our lives.
  • Serving both those inside and outside of the church with a humble spirit.
  • Living and speaking the Gospel, as the Holy Spirit prompts us to do so.
  • Seeking God’s glory in all things.

God enabling me, I will strive to consider my covenant of membership, renewing my covenant annually. 

My responsibility will be to notify the Senior Pastor and Elders of Bedford Road Baptist Church if at any time I can no longer commit to this covenant, or if I have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding Bedford Road Baptist Church. 


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