Do you Recognize These Men?

Can you recognize these two men?

They look like twins, don’t they?

In reality, they were first cousins. The man on the left is King George V of England. The man on the right is Tsar Nicholas II of Russia.

Their physical resemblance is uncanny. Nicholas was slightly thinner, and George the tinniest bit taller but without the trappings of office, they would be virtually indistinguishable.

Their mothers were sisters – the daughters of Christian IX of Denmark. The oldest sister, Alexandra, was married to Queen Victoria’s son Edward VII. The younger sister, Dagmar, married the Tsar Alexander III and took the name Maria Feodorovna.

2 thoughts on “Do you Recognize These Men?”

  1. amazing but not surprising knowing how Royalty intermarried it would make sense that they look so much a like.. and with those families.. they may of really been brothers..

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