What Are You Building

Our congregation has seen some amazing movement lately. God has been using relationships – both old and new – to draw people into His presence at Bedford Road.

This is exciting for many of us, for many different reasons. As most of our readers know, Bedford Road is the product of a merger of two congregations: Heritage Baptist and Grace Baptist.

Folks who remember worshiping at Heritage remember that we had no facilities for children, a bathroom shared with a pizza shop and an auto body garage, and next to no space. We often had to fight for parking in the mornings, and all-in-all, we were challenged by the space we had.

And those who remember Grace remember a congregation holding on for dear life after some very difficult periods of division and difficulty. The congregation was stripped bare, and most were unsure where to go.

Fast forward to summer 2011, and we are part of a growing, vibrant, amazing congregation. Everyone I talk to cannot help but acknowledge that it cannot be anything but the Lord at work, and those of us in the leadership community are overwhelmed because we know it is nothing we are doing.

As we enter the fall season, we are anticipating even more of God’s movement as we continue to see people being baptized as a profession of faith, joining the congregation as voting members, and getting involved in the ministry of our congregation.

But there is one thing the elders and I want to make very clear to everyone who calls Bedford Road home.

We are not in the business of building a big church.

That’s right.

We are not in the business of building a big church.

I know it sounds paradoxical. How can congregational leaders not want their church to grow? But notice that I did not say we don’t want our congregation to grow. We are just not in the business of building a big church. In other words, making the congregation numerically larger is not on our priority list.

If we’re not building a big church, then what are we building?

Quite simply, we desire to continue to build relationships that go deeper and deeper into our lives. Relationships first of all with God through Jesus Christ, but also our own personal relationship – inside and outside of the congregation. We are building relationships where God is glorified, and we believe that in his glory, people will be drawn to Him.

A big church can exist in its own glory.

A good church can only exist in God’s glory.

A big church can have programs for everyone.

A good church is everyone.

A big church is driven to excellence.

A good church is drawn to the Excellent One.

You can have a good church that is also big, but not all big churches are good. We would rather be good and grow to the size our Lord wills for us than to try to be big and forget Him.


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