The Price of Truth

When you pursue truth and not just systems of thought and accepted views, you will not be popular with those in power – even those who only think they are in power.

Because no human system ever gets truth completely right, you cannot marry yourself to a single human system. When you seek the truth from the Scriptures, you will find that you will irritate:

The Calvinists AND the Arminians,
The dispensationalists AND the covenant theologians,
The fundamentalists AND the evangelicals,
The denominationalists AND  the ecumenicalists,
The conservatives AND  the liberals,
The traditionalists AND  the progressives…

The Greeks AND the barbarians,
The bond AND the free,
The legalist AND and the antinomianist,
The Pharisees AND the Sadducees,
The worldy AND the ascetic.

It fascinates me that people can reject one dictatorial, controlling system that discourages free thought and then get sucked into the opposing camp that is just as dictatorial and controlling. I have seen this happen so many times with my peers in the ministry that it gets frustrating.

Confronted with a decision to be either A or B because our peers or some human teacher says we must choose, we must be willing to accept that neither A nor B is necessarily completely or even partially correct in its exclusion of the other.

Somehow the theological world has been defined by being either correct or other. We seem no longer to have the capacity to be inclusive, to “think gray” as Steve Sample puts it in The Contrarian’s Guide to Leadership.  Whenever someone comes along who questions a tenet of whatever system it is that people adhere to, they cease to listen with “ears to hear” (to quote my favorite Thinker of all times) and instead close their minds to the possibility that their system might not be as comprehensive as they have been led to believe.

We must always think “outside the box” and “read between the lines”.

We must always contemplate before adopting and continually rethink as we continue.

We must always challenge positions that attempt to repress others.

We must always challenge positions that attempt to say nothing is true.

And the price of pursuing truth is that others will not understand. We will be rejected, misunderstood and sometimes even persecuted. This does not matter. Truth is not defined by human means, but by God’s.


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