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Never Make Decisions Under Pressure

Yesterday, my computer completely freaked out. She has never been the same since “The Great Coffee Spill of 2011” but after $400 of work, I thought we had everything all set.

Then she just went nuts. She started scrolling indiscriminately, and suddenly she reported that she did not have a battery installed. (All my tools are she – my computers, my guitars, etc.)

It was frustrating to no end. I love my Macbook Pro like a second child. In the year since my aunt and cousin gave her to me, I have been faithful to her and defended her from the naysaying haters who want me to switch back to Windows.

Last night, tired and hot from working outside in 100+ degree temperatures, I ordered an HP to replace her. I just did not think she could be rebuilt this time, and I certainly did not have the money. That was my rationale.

I know this sounds pretty weird, but all night I questioned my decision. Was it really right to abandon her just because of this? How would I pay for the replacement I had ordered. This might seem a little odd, but I even dreamed that my wife Nichole was very disappointed that I gave up on her (the Mac, not Nichole) so easily.

This morning, I was given the money to make her repairs or at least see if she could be repaired. While driving home from dropping her off at Brinestone – my favorite Mac repair shop – I called and canceled my order for the replacement PC.

If the techs at Brinestone can get her working properly, then I will stick with my Mac. She has been nothing but exceptional the entire time I have had her, and my user error (having a cup of coffee between her and a dancing six year old) is my own fault.

Aren’t you glad Jesus doesn’t not have moments when he has to make decisions about us under pressure? That he doesn’t just throw us under the bus when we start to malfunction? Instead, he patiently heals and restores. He graciously extends his hands when we recoil, and he is always at work upon us.


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