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Stop Being a Chokepoint, pt 2

Because I have been trying to be more aware of chokepoints in our congregation’s ministry, it has become even more obvious to me that I have become a chokepoint for far too many people.

Just this week, I noticed that people look to me for direction in areas as diverse as what parts of the property should be mowed, which paper to load in the copier (and how to clear a jam), contact information for someone else in the congregation, where we keep the A/V equipment, passwords for the WI-FI, printing paperwork for specific events, the phrasing of safety procedures, the order of worship for next Sunday, seating charts in the fellowship hall, and directions to a particular facility I visited once.

This is all in my capacity as pastor, mind you.

This list is not in any way a knock on the people who asked me these questions. It is however a matter of concern for me because I knew the answers because I am heavily involved in all of these areas. This is an unconscious involvement that comes from my desire to do everything with excellence.

Without being boastful, I think I’m pretty good at a lot of the things I do. Music, design, documentation, computers – these are things I do well. I see things very well. Unfortunately, that means I also mistakenly believe that since I see it, I also have to be personally responsible for it. I take on far too much because I mistakenly believe I am the only one who can do it.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The reality is that my tendency to be involved in everything stems from a lack of confidence in others. I don’t think others can do things – anything – as well as I can do them.

This is wrong.

This is a bad idea.

This will stifle the congregation.

This is sin.


2 thoughts on “Stop Being a Chokepoint, pt 2”

  1. I also believe that because there are no full time personnel at the church, you are just the natural person to go to. The need for a coordinator is important to the natural flow of the “business” of the church. As you deal with these things on a weekly basis, there really is not other “go to” person. Many of the tasks of the church’s daily business are taken care of by volunteers, which change from time to time. So in your defense, many times you don’t have another person to refer these questions to. A formal “procedures” manual would be a logical answer, but the business of maintaining it can be a part time job in itself. I would be happy to help to implement that manual, if it helps to smooth the daily processes, and creates a “go to” place for common questions.

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