The Great Browser Debate

I love my Macbook Pro. Now that she has come back to me with her trackpad and keyboard restored (long story involving a six year old and a cup of McDonald’s coffee), I am able to use her as a laptop again. In the interim, I used my iPad for most work at home and my wife’s Gateway Windows 7 laptop for some of the heavy lifting.

On Nichole’s Windows 7 machine, Google Chrome 12 is the best browser – hands down. What I love about it is not the speed, although it is faster than Firefox 3.5 and Internet Explorer 8.0. (Why haven’t I upgraded her Internet Explorer to whatever the current version is? Because I never use IE. That’s why.)

I really enjoy Google Chrome’s sync feature, as well as the numerous excellent extensions that you can add to the browser. Because of the necessity of mobility, I use a lot of Google Apps features as well as Dropbox and Evernote. Having access to these within the browser can be useful when you are doing a lot of stuff.

In a very real way, Chrome works like I would expect Apple Safari to work, but it doesn’t. (Safari is not my favorite browser. I don’t even use it on my iPad.) Chrome is smooth, fast, and powerful. Everything Apple has built a reputation on being.

Once I got my Macbook up and running again, I was sure that I would be able to sync everything to Google Chrome. Although Chrome for Mac is also on version 12, it has some quirks that drive me batty. The biggest quirk is that Chrome somehow blocks all the pop-up features on Facebook. Since almost all of my social networking revolves around our congregation and connecting people to one another, not having the pop-up tags is a major liability for me.

That means that I have to use Firefox 5 on my Macbook instead of Chrome; and that means I have to mirror all of my shortcuts. Although Firefox is a robust browser, it isn’t Chrome.

So, here I am in a strait betwixt two. I love Chrome, but I need to access Facebook regularly. Why, oh why, haven’t you seen this, Google? Facebook has to be a large chunk of traffic for you, but you have missed this hole?

I have searched far and wide for a fix on Chrome so the popups work. If you know of one, let me know. You will be rewarded handsomely.


4 thoughts on “The Great Browser Debate”

  1. Go into Chrome Settings, then Under the Hood.

    Click Content Settings, Scroll down to Pop-Ups, and click the Manage Exceptions button. You can set Facebook to allow pop-ups.

  2. Well, I was a bit surprised that you did not seem to have tried this, but, then again, you are a Mac user, so I can’t credit you with Mad Computer Skilz anymore.

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