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Worship in a Web 2.0 World

Whilst browsing the internet, I found an interesting post on the subject of using your smartphone during worship. What I thought was intriguing about the post was that the comments were divided between those who felt mobile devices were a distraction and those who felt they were just part of life.

At Bedford Road, it is quite common for me to say, “Someone google that!” and have a dozen or two people thumb-typing to find the answer. This is while I am preaching, mind you.

We put a notice in our bulletin, asking people to be respectful of others and to silence their electronic devices. In six years of preaching full-time, I have had a phone go off during service maybe three times.

Personally, I like the idea that people can write notes in a place where they can be accessed anywhere (like Youversion or Evernote) instead of on the back of the paper bulletin you leave on the chair anyway. I like the idea that people can check out information when it is presented, and even call me on it if the facts aren’t quite right (something our A/V tech and Alpha Geek, Doug, does very often).

When our kids present something in the service, we are able to upload the pictures and videos immediately to Facebook for the parents. Instead of using a bulletin, I can check the order of service on my iPad. There are so many pro’s to using technology.

What do you think? What is the role of technology in your congregation?


5 thoughts on “Worship in a Web 2.0 World”

  1. Yup, I’m with ya, bro. Worship isn’t about a block of time where we perform certain religious rituals/customs or whatever, but it is a part of everything we do – so use our phones as an act of worship! Not just on Sunday in a church building, but everywhere and at all times – but why not on Sunday as well? I agree with silencing the phones, as this can be an obvious distraction to others. There are always more issues to address when it comes to this topic, but these matters are for each congregation to figure out and decide – nothing that should be set in stone as dogma.

  2. I was preaching one Sunday night and the power went out – too dark to read. Happily, my notes were in my Dropbox (accessible from my iPhone), and many of the congregation were following along with their Bible apps. You should have seen the glow on people’s faces … Literally, a glow. From their electronic devices.

    Technology is awesome.

    1. That story is so awesome that I may need to borrow it one day! One of the other pastors in our area has asked me to help out with sharing how technology benefits worship. It would be perfect!

  3. I am old school. I think technology is wonderful, but I do appreciate books, hand writing notes etc. I find technology very useful but enjoy not having my cell phone, not having my computer at my disposal at times, and getting back to some basics. The more technology we have, the more is expected of us, to cram in more work, be ever more accessible and so on.

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